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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flower Tattoo Designs

 The art of flower tattoos is as old as the art of tattoo-making itself. They are fashionable flower tattoo designs and are trendy all over the world flower tattoos for girls. However, flower tattoos meanings are different by designs.

Flower tattoos designs for women:

But, small flower tattoos designs meanings differ from each other. The world is fascinated by floral tattoos and their hidden meanings. Its also a type of body art tattoos as flower tattoo art or flower tattoo body art.

or understandable reasons, people choosing flower tattoo designs are expecting to express a certain amount of individuality. Because of this, there may be a hesitancy to settle on a flower that seems to have attained some kind of “cookie-cutter” mass appeal.

Flower tattoo designs:

tattoos, ladies tattoos or girly tattoos – in other words tattoos that are feminine in design, and therefore favored by women or girls – are becoming more and more common.

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Angel Tattoos

 Tattoos have become quite popular these days. There are different kinds of tattoos that have become popular. First of all you need to select the part of your body where you want to have the tattoo. These things are popular among men as well as women.
Latest Angel Tattoos Some of the popular choices of body parts are the back of the neck, arms, lower portion of the stomach and so on. One of the designs which have become common these days are the angel tattoos. Each and every person will agree that the angels are one of the most pure creatures.

People who are religiously oriented usually choose these kinds of tattoos. Lots of people also have an idea that angels are messengers of God who are human like in nature. Angels are also known as the winged mascots of divinity.

These tattoos are creative and they are available in various sizes and shapes. Some people are interested in small angel tattoos. It is very important to make sure that you choose the best artist to draw the tattoos on your body parts.

One of the best things about these tattoos is that they are available in various colors as well as designs. The size as well as placement of these tattoos usually differs between men and women. These tattoos usually represent protection as well as freedom.
People who want them on their body parts usually attribute a meaning to them. Women usually choose the cute angel tattoos where the angels are playing harp and sitting on the clouds. These angels are usually designed like the guardian who keeps a watch over all of us.

Revival of Tribal Tattoo Art and Their Different Forms

 The origin and the emergence of tribal art and tribal tattoos are interesting topics to explore. The different tribal designs are gaining immense popularity in recent times.
Emergence of Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos have been in existence since ages. Earlier these tattoos were used as demarcations between different tribes, social classes and sects. Each tattoo was associated with the wearer’s social or racial status. But today these tribal tattoos have emerged as a popular body art that has no specific associations with the wearer’s status and is not considered as an exclusive symbol of belongingness.
While some of the tribal tattoos are self-motivated expressions of freedom and individuality, others are associated with individual’s religious and spiritual beliefs and personal convictions. Exhibiting mystic charm, the tribal tattoos are perfect skin ornamentations that can be styled and customized to suit one’s preferences.

With more and more discovery of ancient practices and traditions, the tribal tattoo has acquired greater prominence. Research on tribal arts and lifestyles have brought tribal tattoos to the forefront and led to the growing interest of people in these tattoos. However, there has been a considerable shift in the significance of tribal tattoos. While in ancient days, these tattoo had a deeper meaning for the wearers, today they are nothing more than a modern style of skin decoration.
The mystic charm of these tribal tattoos are influenced by the tribal art that was prevalent among different tribes like Celtics (tribal people living in Ireland, Scotland and Wales), the Maoris (tribal people native to New Zealand), the tribal people of North American, African origin and the indigenous residents of Borneo.

Types of Tribal Tattoos

There are several tribal tattoo designs that have been popular since ages. Some of the tribal tattoos that are classified on the basis of their tribal origin are enumerated below:
Celtic Tattoos
These Celtic designs are the most popular tribal tattoos that owe their credit to the Celtic art. The design comprises several knots or loops with no starting and ending point. It is associated with the never ending cycle of death and rebirth. Animal tattoo designs like were dragon, lion etc were prevalent in the Celtic tribes.
Maoris tribal Tattoos
These tattoos owe their origin to Maoris tribe of New Zealand. The designs were used to depict ones prestige or pride and also the transition from one social status to one another.
North American Tribal Art
Among the North American tribes, the tribal tattoos denoted rank within the tribe. Different types of weapons were tattooed on their skin.
Borneo Tribal Art
Tattooing had a completely different concept for the Borneo tribes. According to them, they could actually draw energy from the spirits of the tattooed image or creature because they believed that spirits are present in everything surrounding them.
There are some other tribal tattoo arts like Samoa Tribal art and African Tribal art that do not use pigments for tattooing. Instead in these art forms the skin was carved or cut with a sharp object and the wound created was the tattoo design.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

When I survey the wondrous Cross
By the Prince of Glory died
My richest gain I count but loss
And pour contempt on all my pride

See from his head, hands, feet
Sorrow and love flow mingled down
No such love and sorrow ever meet
Or thorns compose so rich a crown

Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name

The whole realm of nature mine
And that the progress so far is very small
Love is very amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, all my

Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name.

Tcs Results

Announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on the Q4 results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011: India to reduce emissions (). Is scheduled TCS board meeting to be held today in the April 21, 2011. Can be verified by detailed information on the results of Q4 TCS TCS here at the site.

And directly on the Internet a video of a press conference TCS be available at 2.30 hours, the Iraqi Special Tribunal and sound directly on the Internet at 5 pm today on its official website.

To update the information on the results of the visit TCS 2011 at the following link from the site of Tata Consultancy Services:

Care Of Nails

Nails are the horn like envelop found at the dorsal side of terminal phalanges of fingers of toes and hands in humans. These not only beautify the appearance of fingers but also protects from external vigorous pressure at the terminals. Nails are made of a protein known as keratin.

Some times these features have to under go some abnormalities, get uneven. Discolored or not smooth and get brittle. In all these cases they have to be attended with care. It involve proper trimming. Filing and keep the cuticle away from the nail base. Some home treatment of nails is given below.

   1. First thing to be involved in their care is that they must be healthy with strong texture. So if they are soft then soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes daily.
   2. If these have any stain on it and can’t be removed then dip your nails in lemon juice for 10-15 minutes and after wash them with warm water.
   3. In order to remove the cuticle or to keep it away from nails use a cuticle file or push it in backward direction manually. Skip the chances of infection because cuticle is the protective layer from where the nail grows.
   4. If your nails get brittle day by day then in diet increase the amount of silica and vitamin B. in addition to this protein diet should be properly taken.
   5. If you use nail polish often then after two or three continuous applications give break. Because the nails oxygen should be cut off after nail polish application and their color is changed from pinkish to yellow or become dull.
   6. Not use dark colored nail polishes with out base coat because after removal these leave the color of pale yellow on the nail palate and ugly look when not to be polished. For nail polish remover use such agent which have less quantity of acetylene. This organic liquid makes the nails brittle when repeatedly applied.
   7. Avoid from nail biting because it will destroy the shape of nails and unpleasant feeling.
   8. If the clove of garlic is rubbed against nails continuously it will make the nails strong.


    * Nails of hand fingers grow more than toes.
    * A nail of long finger grows more then other fingers.
    * The growth rate of nails is such one eighth of an inch in a month.
    * If you are right handed its nail growth is more then other and similarly in case of left handed.
    * The growth rate is more in warm climate. Than colder. During pregnancy and after injury. The growth rate is more…

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tattoo art in the news tattoo girls. Tattoo girls are considered to be very meaningful and symbolic because they mainly represent a person's dreams and goals in life. The news tattoo girls photos free to download.

tattoo girls
tattoo girls
tattoo girls
tattoo girls
tattoo girls


Tattoo art in tattoo sleeve themes. A full tattoo sleeve themes is basically one big tattoos that wrap completely around the arm from shoulder to wrist. You can design a full tattoo sleeve themes that not only pleases you, but is also pleasing to the eye. All you needs is an abservant eye.

tattoo sleeve themes
tattoo sleeve themes
tattoo sleeve themes
tattoo sleeve themes
tattoo sleeve themes

Saturday, April 16, 2011

black lesbians hd wallpaper 2011

pitch black the chronicies of riddick

pitch black

pitch black

pitch black

All I remember about my first view of the trailer for the movie Pitch Black (2000) was that it looked like just another excuse for a horror flick, albeit a good one. Who hasn't been afraid of what lurks in the dark at some point in their travels? It was just a teaser trailer that was mostly a black screen with people screaming and a few quick shots of creatures jumping at you. That was the last thought I gave it for several years until I saw it in a rental store and decided to give it a shot. The cover seemed to indicate it had a science fiction element to it. What an understatement that turned out to be!

Pitch Black is first and foremost an extremely well written and well directed science fiction thriller. Yes, there is a lot of scary monsters and situations to keep you on edge for most of the film, but the context in which it takes place gives everything a reason that makes good sense, rather than just an excuse to make you jump. Still, I would not recommend it for kids or the faint of heart. << spoiler warning >> Set in the future, it begins with a space craft crashing on the surface of a desert planet and killing most of the people on board, including the captain. If you really want to see how a crash landing should be done on film, you'll be blown away by this one. Right from the start, we are provided with at least two reasons to be nervous. First, there's an underground monster that causes some trouble and second, one of the few survivors is a dangerous convict who escapes. The convict is Richard B. Riddick, played very nicely by Vin Diesel who seems made for the part. In fact, this is the film that allowed Vin Diesel's career to take off.

The main plot involves the survivors' efforts to get off the planet alive. The first challenge is finding food and water, and this is difficult because the star system they have landed on has three suns which results in there being no night, no dark side of the planet, and no apparent clouds in the sky. They do, however, stumble upon an abandoned settlement with some supplies and a ship that needs fuel. They also find a working model of the trinary star system and, in a very cool scene, the acting captain, played by Radha Mitchell, winds the model forward and determines that they are about to be plunged into 30 days of darkness due to a planetary line up that occurs only once every 22 years. This event causes all three suns to be simultaneously eclipsed. How you can get a 30 day eclipse in a trinary system is beyond me, but I digress. When it finally happens, that's when the fun starts.

There is a huge population of voracious creatures that live underground because they cannot stand the light. I suppose it represents some type of underground ecosystem because there are several types of alien creatures. The ones that give them the most trouble are the flying types, including bat-like swarms and very large bird-like creatures. When the darkness hits, they all come out like a swarm of locusts looking to eat everything in sight. The CGI is a bit disappointing with regard to the creatures, especially when various survivors get eaten by them, but it is still effective.

Now I'm not going to claim that a lot of thought went into the science in this film, but the story plays out well partly due to the personalities of the characters and their interactions with each other. You have an antiques collector who is a nervous wreck, a holy man and his three sons who stop to pray to Allah every now and then, the female pilot who feels responsible for the ordeal, a young girl stowaway who is pretending to be a boy, the escaped convict Riddick and the bounty hunter who had captured him.
All these people must learn to work together to stay alive and I think how they do that is the most redeeming quality of the script. They end up having to rely heavily on Riddick for two reasons. The first is that he is the most survival savvy of the bunch. The second is that his eyes have undergone a special operation that allow him to see in the dark, a remnant from his days in solitary confinement.

The film developed a following and since Riddick turned out to be such a bad-ass character they brought him back in a sequel in 2004 called The Chronicles of Riddick. The sequel is also a very good science fiction adventure film in its own right and was directed by the same guy, but it has very little connection to the first film except that it involves Riddick and a few of the other prior cast members. I'll mention what I thought were the most enjoyable aspects of the sequel. First, some of the best scenes in the film are the ones in the beginning involving Riddick's recapture and subsequent time spent in the jail from hell. It really establishes him as the true bad-ass of them all.
Second, the enemy in this story is a planet conquering race called the Necromongers that drive these giant space pylons into a planet, land and take over, and then try to convince everyone to convert to some half-living half-dead state or be killed. The main highlight is the initial invasion which really conveys a sense of "nowhere to hide" terror and I love the cool soldier helmets which completely cover the head with four mock faces looking in all directions. It looks quite intimidating. The rest of the story is pretty much your average defeat the bad guys fare so it doesn't quite measure up to the first script in originality, but it is still a good film and if you liked the first one, you'll certainly enjoy The Chronicles.

maria menounos bikini malfunction girls wallpaper

maria menounos

Maria Menounos was born on June 8, 1978. She is a Greek-American actress, journalist, and television presenter known in America for her appearances as a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood, and abroad for co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece.maria menounos

Maria Menounos, a Greek American, was born in Medford, Massachusetts to immigrant parents Costas and Litsa Menounos. She has a younger brother, Peter, and is fluent in the Greek language. At age 17, she was an employee of Dunkin' Donuts. maria menounosMenounos attended the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. In 1995, Menounos began to compete in beauty pageants. The following year, she won the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA and competed at Miss Teen USA where she failed to place in the top 10. Menounos did however place in the top 15, receiving an honorary mention, during the preliminary competition; Menounos placed 13th in preliminaries. The pageant was won by Christie Lee Woods. Maria competed for the title of Miss Massachusetts USA 2000; she was the 1st runner up.

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